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Are you okay? Are you really okay?

As the world slowly starts to re-open up again, we can have the ‘Joy of Six’ in parks and our gardens – but spare a thought for those who haven’t got 6 people to connect with. 

Or in many cases, even one. 

For many of our suffering veterans out there, they don’t walk through these parks looking up at the blossoming Spring Time buds on the trees – they’re tragically looking up at the sturdiness of the branches.  

The pandemic has been a tough journey for everyone, even more so for those with mental illness issues brought on by serving in the forces.

The main consensus throughout this awful period to get a real insight into their state of mind has been to ask people ‘Are you okay?’ and then again ask ‘Are you really okay?’ to get the honest answer.

But for many of our veterans out there we’ve needed to go one step further, communicating with them on a daily, hourly and even minute by minute basis. 

We strive to be everywhere for everyone at once however, that is a tough task even for us.

So now we can meet again, we call upon the friends and families of our struggling veterans to step up and ask them ‘Are you okay?’ and then again ask ‘But are you really okay?’

We are one of the only charities that can react to the concerns of friends and families for those veterans who might be too proud to ask for help. So please do your bit too, as we are, and they are, really in need of back up.

Call our helpline 07852937163 or join our Facebook group for support.

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