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Another ex-veteran was turned away from several charities after needing help to overcome his post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction.

Gary from Leeds, contacted several charities after his partner encouraged him to seek help for his PTSD and addiction, however, after several months charities kept turning him away.

The ex-serviceman and his partner were close to losing faith in mental health charities when they have stumbled across our Battle Buddy’s UK Facebook group.

Gary noticed the CEO of the organisation, Simon Cook was his fellow veteran who he served with several years ago.

His partner encouraged him to get in touch with Simon to see if Battle Buddy UK could help them rebuild their lives.

The couple were pleasantly surprised when Simon stepped in and things progressed very quickly for them.

Simon was able to get Gary professional help for his addiction and are currently working to get his life back on track by treating his PTSD and finding work.


Gary’s partner described her experience with Battle Buddy UK as grateful.

Not only has Battle Buddy UK supported Gary, but they have supported me as well. I will never take away how hard this is on veterans but as you can imagine this can also cause a huge strain on relationships and families, especially when we are constantly turned down for help that is needed.

I can phone Simon at any point if I’m struggling and he will always be there. Battle Buddy UK is the only charity that have not turned us away and I am so grateful for this. As a new charity they have been incredible and I know they will be able to help so many others the way they have helped me and my family.”

Since 2018, Battle Buddy UK have been supporting veteran community with 24/7 helpline and we are hoping to open our very first veterans rehabilitation centre this year.

If you’re feeling low, or know of someone who may need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpline on 07852937163.

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