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Darren’s Testimonial


Battle Buddy UK have had another busy month helping our fellow veterans. 

This time we have helped Darren, an ex-veteran who has been struggling to get back to his life prior joining force. 

Darren has reached out to Simon after failing to get help from veteran and civilian organisations. 

He’s admitted he was unsure of his own feelings and didn’t have much faith in this organisation to understand either. 

Writing to Simon after his experience he said: I was broken, my head constantly messing with my emotions, I never knew what was wrong with me from leaving the Army I knew myself things were not right.

“I found it nearly impossible to mix with people, I found it hard to engage in conversation, I would find myself been hypervigilant- always waiting for things to happen when anyone would walk past me, I would get nervous.

“When things got bad, I would switch off from life and fall into such a dark place crying inside and out for help I hated feeling like this.

“I could never stop myself from falling into that unknown place I hated so much. I asked so many different veteran organisations for help with nothing, I tried the civilian organisations, I have seen so many people I would always get my hopes up and be let down as soon as I mentioned ex forces, they would pass me on to the next person.

“It left me thinking where I am going, it was just a sign posting exercise, I would go only to be let down again.

“I fell into that dark place not long ago and I had no one- at least that is what I thought.”

After receiving treatment organised by CEO, Simon Cook, Darren describes his life as a blessing. 

“I have been given a second chance of happiness thanks to Battle Buddy UK, I know I can phone the team anytime- day or night.

“I have been going to Battle Buddy UK for five weeks and I can honestly say I have never been in a better place as I am now.

“Life is such a blessing now, I love waking up, I love life and everything in it.

“I really do feel like a different person, thanks to Simon and Joe an ex-veteran himself doing hypnotherapy I cannot begin to thank you both you have changed my life giving me the tools I so desperately needed to control my fears and worries.

“I would recommend Battle Buddy UK to all veterans; trust me you will not be turned away.”

Darren’s life has been saved by Simon and the Battle Buddy UK team, but many do not get that chance. 

Which is why now, more than ever we need your support to secure our Veterans Rehabilitation Centre to ensure no ex-serviceman or woman is overlooked when seeking help. 

If you know someone who needs our help, please do not hesitate to contact our helpline 07852937163 or join our supportive Facebook group. 

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