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Serving members of the British Army raise funds by running 1000 miles

10 serving members of the British Army completed a physical challenge to help raise funds for Battle Buddy UK housing and rehabilitation centre. 

Maisie, Dylan, Geoff, Liam, Josh and Bryoni and 4 others have set up this physical challenge to raise awareness on veterans homelessness in the UK. 

The Royal British Legion estimates there are 6,000 homeless veterans in the UK.

And while the number of veterans sleeping rough isn’t 100% clear, most estimates place the figure at around 3% to 4% of the rough sleeping population.

As veterans represent around 5% of the overall population, this means that veterans are actually proportionally under-represented in terms of homelessness statistics. 

Consequently, 10 veterans ran 1000 miles and completed 5000 reps of various exercises between them in over a week 

This equates to running 14.3 miles and completing 72 repetitions of different exercises per person, per day for 7 days.

Although they have completed the challenge, the Go Fund Me page is still active and accepting any donations no matter how small. 

All the proceeds will go towards securing a building where Battle Buddy UK will continue to provide essential help for those who are suffering with mental health. 

This facility will provide residential treatment that the veteran community is crucially lacking. 

You can read more about rehabilitation facility here.

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