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Here you can read some of our most compelling stories from veterans who have been overlooked by others, didn’t know where to turn to and have been helped tremendously by Battle Buddy UK’s team. 

Hear phil's story

Phil is an ex-infantry soldier, he endured 7 years service, including 2 frontline tours of Afghanistan. After coming out of the army in 2013 civilian life was hard for Phil, he was suffering from PTSD and found it tough to adjust to his new life out of the military. Phil had asked a number of organisations for support but unfortunately, their help was not good enough. After posting a desperate cry for help on on facebook, Phil was contacted by Battle Buddy UK. Within 24 hours, Simon was at his door, ready to help him and his family make a well needed recovery.


“I just want to say a huge thank you to battle buddy UK they have saved my life literally. six weeks ago, I got in touch with Battle Buddy UK the very same day Simon from Battle Buddy UK came to visit me picked me up took me for breakfast.
We sat and had a chat about my situation, I was living on the streets I have been with the NHS and the MoD for over 4 years with little to no support.
Within 3 hours Simon had spoken with Rifles HQ and had me in an hotel for two nights while Simon sorted out other accommodations for me. Simon proceeded to talk with the council and got me accommodation, Simon managed to get me into a full time hotel, He completed all the paperwork for me took calls for me drove me to meetings he had set up spoke and got me referred to TILS (TRANSITION INTERVENTION LIAISON SERVICES) we started bidding for properties from the council.
Every single day Simon Called to make sure that I was okay. If I needed anything. He jumped in his car and came straight down, He took me to a meeting that he had planned for me, spoke with other agencies who he had contacted, and without his help I do not think I would be here to this day.
The success of my Story is with the help and support from Simon and Battle Buddy UK I now have a car, a property, A £30,000 a year job that starts at tomorrow, but most of all he gave me my life back that I had given up on.
I spoke to Simon yesterday to express my complete gratitude to him and his team at Battle Buddy UK. I truly owe them everything.
The Main point for me sending this message is that Battle BUDDY UK can show you that Veterans Helping Veterans and Rapid response saves life.
I have been to nearly all the major Veterans Charities and like most reading this i too got turned away. Thank god Battle Buddy is out there.
One thing that shocked me Is None of the Team at Battle Buddy UK gets paid, Simon uses his Pensions to support veterans it just goes to show that with just a little bit of personal time and a little bit of petrol money and a huge heart he’s doing things that paid organisations can’t do. I never met a more selfless man who cares only for veterans.
I can only imagine how many veterans that he could prevent from been homeless and committing suicide, With the rapid response attitude that he prides Battle Buddy UK on, I just hope that the government do finally start to see that Battle Buddy UK is an organisation that is there for veterans Well-being and not to pay the ridiculous executive wages other CEOs demand.
I hope and pray that Johnny Mercer, who Is supposed to be the veterans minister, reads this.
This was a quote that Simon said to me……
I will continue to help veterans for the rest of my life with or without the governments help….
Thank you for saving my life Battle Buddy UK.”
Name withheld for personal privacy.


“I would like to tell the people my story and the struggle that most young people have on leaving the forces. I was broken, my head constantly messing with my emotions, I never knew what was wrong with me from leaving the Army I knew myself things were not right.

I found it nearly impossible to mix with people I found it hard to engage in conversation, I would find myself been hypervigilant always waiting for things to happen when anyone would walk past me, I would get nervous.

When things got bad, I would switch off from life and fall into such a dark place crying inside and out for help I hated feeling like this.

I could never stop myself from falling into that unknown place I hated so much I asked so many different veteran organisations for help with nothing, I tried the civilian originations I have seen so many people I would always get my hopes up and be let down as soon as I mentioned ex forces, they would pass me on to the next person.

It left me thinking where I am going, it was just a sign posting exercise, I would go only to be let down again,

I fell into that dark place not long ago and I had no one at least that is what I thought,

I spoke to Simon Cook the CEO of battle buddy UK and explained how I was feeling, Simon is also very dear friend that I served with.

He explained Battle Buddy UK to me telling me not to worry, he said I promise you now I will help you; those words will stick with me forever.

I thought to myself how he can fix me if I do not even understand myself. Battle Buddy is run by Simon and his team, what they do is second to none,

I have been given a second chance of happiness thanks to Battle Buddy UK, know I can phone the team anytime day or night. I have been going to Battle Buddy UK for five weeks and I can honestly say I have never been in a better place as I am now.

Life is such a blessing now I love waking up, I love life and everything in it. My life is starting to fill with positive thoughts. As Simon keeps saying

“Positive thoughts produce positive outcomes”

For me now I love getting out and talking to people, I now pass strangers with a smile rather than worrying if the are going to attack me, Simon and his team have changed my life around for a better.

My friends and family are astonished just how far I have come seeing a different me, people often ask is that you Darren?

I really do feel like a different person, thanks to Simon and Joe an ex-veteran himself doing hypnotherapy I cannot begin to thank you both you have changed my life giving me the tools I so desperately needed to control my fears and worries.

I would recommend Battle Buddy UK to all veterans; trust me you will not be turned away. I would also recommend Hypnotherapy Joe has really programmed my thought process now, he as even helped me stop smoking. 

Joe has taken all those negative thoughts out, it soon started filling up with all the positive thoughts. I am on the right road now feeling good in life.

I now know that there is help. I can also put my hand on my heart and say I love the new me. I am proud to be me best thing is Simon is a man of his word thank you my friend.

Thanks to the two Angels Simon and Joe, I will walk away with the knowledge Battle Buddy UK is there 24/7.



“My son Dan was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. two years ago he tried to commit suicide! He’s ex army. Through a friend I contacted Battle Buddy UK & spoke to Simon. I explained who Dan was & what had happened. He was the first person who didn’t turn me away. All the other so called help for ex soldiers suffering with P.T.S.D
Combat Stress, Help for Heros and the RBL explained that Dan would have to contact them himself. Dan wouldn’t ask for help. Simon travelled all the way from Leeds the morning to see me and my son & has continued do to so at the drop of a hat! We live in the Midlands. Simon spent all day with Danny.
I was & still am so very grateful for the support and the way Simon helped not only Danny but Simon helped myself to understand what Dan & other soldiers are going through . If I’m worried I just pick up the phone & call Simon I really don’t know where we would be right now if it hadn’t of been for Battle Buddy UK They are also there for the family which is amazing they are my safety net. Danny’s not as bad now thanks to Battle Buddy UK.
For me as a parent watching my son struggling every day was heart breaking.
No parent should have to go through that. But I know there’s finally help out there. Simon is only a phone call away. On a personal ending .Simon I know I’ve told you many times how grateful I am to you & Battle Buddy UK for all of your help and constant support. I can’t put in to words what you have done for me and my family.”

Gary McBride

“Hi my name is Gary Mcbride I served with Simon cook.

Became aware after along time discharged that Battle Buddy’s was newly available and helped me out considerably after being in trauma and active addiction PTSD plays a huge part on my life these day but without the current support of Battle buddy’s I would be lost as other charities have knocked me back time and time again!
It’s great knowing I’ve got someone helping me around the clock! Also Simon cook knowing my situation being supportive brings me comfort and trust we’re unfortunately other people have and proceeded to let me down.”


“My partner Gary has been in contact with Battle Buddies and the support they have given him is incredible. Gary has been in contact with numerous charities to try get funding for Tom Harrison house who provide specialist counselling for ex forces who suffer with PTSD and addiction. We have tried to obtain funding from places like British Legion, SAFFA and his local regiment, amongst other charities but they have all turned their back on Gary despite having all the funds available to help. Simon and his charity are desperately trying to help Gary and other veterans who are in the same position but lack of funding means they are unable to pay for this life changing treatment. After months of trying to get help through Forward Leeds for a detox, we were getting no where but when Simon stepped in things progressed very quickly.

He’s supported Gary and I by being just a phone call away and contacting various people to access different forms of help for him.

Not only has Battle Buddies supported Gary but they have supported me as well. I will never take away how hard this is on veterans but as you can imagine this can also cause a huge strain on relationships and families, especially when we are constantly turned down for help that is needed. I get reassurance they are doing all they can (which they really are) and comfort me in the fact things will get better and help me understand a little more how his head is working so I can be more of a supportive partner. I can phone Simon at any point if I’m struggling and he will always be there.
Battle Buddies are the only charity that have not turned us away and I am so grateful for this. As a new charity they have been incredible and I know they will be able to help so many others the way they have helped me and my family.”

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