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Veterans decorate Veterans home

CEO, Simon Cook alongside (left) Gary Mcbride, Lee Kelly, Nicholas Hammner and Dean Mcgee have put their best efforts to help transform a fellow veterans home.

Michael Clarke’s home was invaded with ex-servicemen who volunteered to decorate his home, back in March. 


Despite not being professional decorators, they have managed to renovate Michael’s home in one day. 

Posting on Battle Buddy UK Facebook group, Michael said:

‘Heart felt thank you to Simon Cook and the volunteers that helped me decorate.’

This is just another example of how Battle Buddy UK can help change your life for the better. 

We listen, understand and occasionally paint your homes! 

If you feel like you know someone who is struggling to adapt to life after their time in the military, reach out today before it’s too late. 

24/7 helpline only a click away 07852937163.

Or join our extremely friendly and supportive Facebook group. 

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